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Burning Books

"My childhood years," recalls sculptor Shimon Reznik, "resembled a life within a cloud of smoke. My life centered around the words of the song ס'ברענט, אונדזער שטעטל ברענט (it is burning, the town is burning). The fire has long ended, but the smoke continues to rise from the ashes." Recently, after years of singing in a choir, Reznik and his friends embarked on a journey to Poland led by conductor and composer Yaacov Hollander who, as an adolescent, survived the Holocaust in Poland. After returning to Israel, Reznik began to create sculptors based on what he has seen and experienced.


The result was a flow of sculptures made from recycled metal, conveying the words "I will remember the way,

I will remember home...". One can imagine hearing the branding of the numbers, as well as the sound of the hollow space left after the fire. These voices reside alongside voices of Jews with unknown faces, and from nothingness arises being - the Sabra stands before memory, shedding his thorns, delicate and perceptive.


Noami Morgenstern, Exhibition Curator


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