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Shimon Reznik (1949) is an Israeli sculptor constantly inspired by the change, contradiction and reconciliation that form the circles of life.

Arriving in Israel from the Ukraine at age 10, the Middle Eastern sun and colorful harbor lights awakened, perhaps for the first time, the true artist within. As a soldier, encounters with the vast desert landscape of Sinai inspired Reznik to begin sculpting. Working with street gangs and hearing-impaired children as a social worker in the 1970's and 1980's caused Reznik to embrace expression as a key element in his artistic vision, while also nourishing his ability to connect with his surroundings without words. Life's experiences – nature, war and memory – have led Reznik on a spiritual path that incorporates internal energy flow and the art of sculpting.


Shimon Reznik is a graduate of the Ramat Hasharon Art College and his sculptures have been displayed in galleries and exhibitions all over the world, garnering recognition and praise.

Reznik's current work submerges iron, bronze and brass contours with clay and glue, creating sculptors that, in the artist's words, "grasp without grasping".


In 2009, after a visit to concentration camps in Poland, Reznik created a series of iron sculptures based on the Holocaust, that seem to express the words: "Remember the path, remember home…". 



In the words of Tal Stoobik Gallery: "Shimon Reznik's sculptures and methods reflect the ideals of Tao and the Internal Path. Each sculpture begins with a random sketch. Reznik allows the pencil to lead him, withholding thoughts and critique. After days, months and even years, Reznik returns to his sketches and begins sculpting. Bent iron, bronze or brass threads form the sculpture's formative basis, after which comes clay and glue, and the sculpture's final shape is created".





One person exhibitions

2012 - permanent installation, Shem Olam, Kfar Ha’roeh

2012 - Holocaust sculptures, Holocaust and Heroism Museum, Nazareth Iliit,

2009 - Maleor Gallery - Home for the arts, Caesarea

2007 - Khan Museum, Ashkelon

1990 - Yigal Alon Gallery, Kibbutz Ginosar

1989 - ZOA house, Tel Aviv

1988 - Tsameret Gallery, Ramat Hasharon


Group exhibitions

2008 - Homeland form, Al Ha’agam Gallery, Raanana

2006 - Olive Tree, Krieger Auditorium, Haifa

2002 - Art Bar, Sheraton Hotel, Tel Aviv

1989 - Israel’s artists for ELI, Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv

1988 - Municipal Museum, Kfar Sava

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